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Reemergence Of Old Indian Puppets


We should not take it as a coincidence that absconder Altaf Hussain has started demanding separation of Sind from Pakistan while sitting in his safe rat hole in UK. Timing of this venomous demand must be kept in focus while comprehending its real motive. Altaf’s demand is not at all surprising for many who precisely know his real intent since the days he began hateful politics basing upon linguistic prejudice. Series of attacks on LEAs specially at Rangers in Sind and a sudden rattling of so called linguistic pressure groups has a close linkage with Indian designs to draw multiple parallels in Pakistan for Kashmir freedom movement .
Those sitting at the helm of affairs today should remember that serious concerns of the East Pakistan about unfair allocation of financial resources provided Shaikh Mujeeb enough reasons to attract the public attention. Poor statesmanship from Islamabad created a deeper fault line which was effectively exploited by Mujeeb with deadly explosive of linguistic hatred under close Indian patronage. This premise has a relevancy to federal government’s recent past significant seriousness towards establishment of new province in Southern Punjab.
This sensitive matter needs mature handling as any laxity might generate more exploitable deeper fault lines. Despite making a loud announcement, government cannot fulfill the promise of new province singlehandedly as requisite 2/3rd numbers are not available in ruling benches for essential constitutional amendment. So, new province will only be possible through political consensus between ruling and opposition parties in the parliament. This issue has emerged as a real test of political elite’s wisdom and acumen. South Punjab’s demand for separate province is not new! Despite being a genuine public call, ruling elite could not accord it due priority since Ayub era. PPP and PML-N merely relied on lip service and political stunts to bag the maximum votes from Southern Punjab during election season. Poor masses in South Punjab, Sind and Balochistan are suffering on many accounts all attributable to bad governance and flawed statesmanship of the ruling elite. Inappropriate allocation of financial resources has deprived masses from basic amenities of life like clean drinking water, well equipped hospitals, educational institutes, road infrastructure and easily accessible courts.
Human beings are compelled to share water source with animals. Political parties should accord due priority to the public welfare and development. Difference of opinion over administrative issues should not transform into a deadlock or a battle between federating units and the Centre . There should be deliberate advance consultancy and home work for basic welfare and administrative tasks. Heat of linguistic radiations can be felt right from the outset as key spokespersons opt to use fiery and unwise phrases .
History has taught us that oppressed masses can be easily exploited on inflammable linguistic hateful themes. Human beings used by the tyrants as disposable commodity eventually weaken the right very foundation of the state. Persistent oppression, marginalization and absolute absence of shared stakes gradually pushes the masses away from the state. Unrest in backward areas caused by the bad governance and flawed statesmanship of the ruling elite may convert into a violent linguistic campaign against the federation . This actually happened in the East Pakistan. Violence and unrest in Urban Sindh has been vigorously exploited by India to coerce Pakistan.
Let’s admit that enemy has always exploited our self-created fault lines. India is actively sponsoring separatist terrorists in Balochistan , Sind and KPK by fanning linguistic prejudice and public sufferings. Decades long deprivation imposed upon masses by the corrupt and unable ruling elite has put the security of state at greater risk. Under prevailing scenario, a much greater responsibility lies on the shoulders of political leadership. Existing political culture revolving around grabbing maximum space in power corridors absolutely lacks any consideration for the marginalized major part of the society. Politics at the cost of public has already created deeper fault lines in poorly governed backward areas. Weapon of linguistic hatred and prejudice is being used by the hostile forces to destabilize the badly governed folds of the society. It is about time to make the national politics more public centric and welfare oriented.
Any deviation from this well-established aim will only add to the public anxiety and offer another exploitable fault line to the enemy. Indian media has been persistently projecting absconder Altaf Hussain and ideological heirs of GM Syed as the ultimate saviors of Sind. It will be interesting that how UK government would deal with Altaf Hussain once a Pakistani court has recently declared him the master mind of Imran Farooq’s murder, a crime which took place at British soil. It will be appropriate for Pakistan to negotiate a formal case for deportation of Altaf Hussain for master minding multiple violent acts mostly aiming at sovereignty of the state. Any further delay in taking up appropriate measures will prove fatal for peace , integrity and sovereignty of Pakistan.

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