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Indians are untrustworthy

If Corona virus on the one hand shattered the country’s economy tremendously, on the other, it has made the opposition political parties also irrelevant, at least, for the time being, till it persists in the country. The opposition leaders are forced by the circumstances to remain indoor. They must be feeling very uncomfortable because like fish which can’t survive outside water, they too feel inconvenienced if their contact with the masses is broken .Some of them, however, do try to make headlines by using media. In parliament their performance has been lackluster hitherto. It would have been better had they presented concrete suggestions in writing for incorporating them in the budget proposals in the recent debate in the NA instead of making wild accusations against the budget makers. It is always easier to pick holes in a financial document instead of making suggestions based on solid reasons. How long would our parliamentarians indulge in kite flying instead of talking with logic and reasons in a place like parliament?
POSTSCRIPT: The tension on Sino-Indian border is increasing by the day. The political analysts are right when they say that India which feels highly humiliated at the hands of the Chinese in the recent clashes might open a war front against Pakistan in order to divert the attention of the Indians and to restore some of its lost prestige due to the dismal performance of Indian forces on the Chinese front. Small wonder one can see high degree of preparedness on the part of our valiant armed forces for facing any possible attack on our borders by the enemies.

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