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If One Judge Can Be Wrong The Other Too Can Be…

It is not only possible, but also probable for a Judge to go wrong. Even to be considered guilty of misconduct. In the worst possible scenario, to act in self-interest and in defiance of his conscience.
In fact it is the recognition of such a probability that has ignited the present judicial crisis which has quite understandably plunged the country into a chaotic political situation.
The recognition of the existence of such a probability has occurred on a level no less than that of the President of Pakistan. He was convinced enough to believe that the highest ranking Judge of the country — the most’ sublime’ among the ‘sublime souls’ — had been guilty of misconduct and wrong-doing. Infact so guilty that he didn’t deserve to stay in the state’s highest judicial office. Consequently the President was left with no option other than that of starting the proceedings for his (CJ’s) removal.
The question in this context automatically arises: “If the CJ can be regarded to act in violation of the sublime expectations associated with his office, how can’t the lesser judges be tempted and driven to act in defiance of their conscience and observance of their self-interest?
Meaning there by that if the President can be right in questioning the integrity of the CJ, the CJ too can be right in questioning the integrity of the three judges who together with two others constitute the supreme Judicial Council that is to pass a history-shaping judgment regarding the CJ’s conduct and the President’s action.
The matter is subjudiced. So no specific observation can be made outside the sphere of universally recognized general truths.
One of such truths is that to err is human, and judges too are vulnerable to human failings.
The other truth is that corruption can’t be made to sit in judgment to condemn those who defy her.
Hopefully TRUTH emerges unhurt out of what is threatening to deteriorate into a Clash of Institutions.

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