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Political blackmail

Isn’t intriguing that whenever Balochi politicians who are mostly tribal chieftains of the province are in the saddle everything appears to them to be honky dory but the moment they are out of power they start accusing the federal government of meting out step motherly treatment to the people of Balochistan. The question is that when they were in the corridors of power, and for many years during the past 73 years or so, running the show in Quetta, what did they do in the matter? Had the interest of common man of their province so near to their heart, they would have resigned then and there if they really felt that any injustice was being done to them instead of clinging to power. It, therefore, doesn’t lie in the mouth of those Balochi leaders who had recently decided to part their ways with the government to say that they were withdrawing their political support to the government because they feel that the PTI government didn’t fulfill its promises with them in lieu of which they had become coalition partners with the government .There are many political analysts who feel that this withdrawal of political support by them is no more than an attempt to blackmail the federal government for squeezing more monetary benefits from it. The government should, however, give top priority to Balochistan in matters of development activity to bring it at a par with the other provinces of the country
Imran Khan would have to ensure that no further defection takes place from the coalition cobbled up by him ,otherwise, there will be a danger of collapse of his government though he is the type of person who would dissolve the assemblies and seek a Fresh mandate from the people instead of accepting political black mail of some of his coalition partners.

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