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A very difficult financial year

We have read that a judge should not be a speaking Judge. Whatever he wants to say he should say it through his written verdict. The question is who is a speaking judge? Any judge who, during the course of proceedings of a case in his court is in the habit of indulging into arguments with the lawyers unnecessarily is billed as a speaking judge. The drawback in this habit is that for the listeners in the court room it is quite easy to form an opinion about the bent of mind of the judge about any issue under consideration in his court before even announcement of his final verdict on it.
It is the duty of the newspaper editors as well as those in the TV channels looking after news coverage of important high profile cases in the higher courts to depute experienced and law knowing reporters for covering such cases in the high courts as well in the Supreme Court. Unnecessary hype should never be created in the news reporting of high profile cases. Instead of indulging in kite flying the press reporters had better confine their reporting to bare facts of the case without giving their personal views .Media trial should be avoided as it tends to create confusion.
A case in point is the recent Presidential reference against a senior judge over which a lot of dust has been kicked up by some members of the Fourth Estate .Its press coverage could have certainly been made in a much better way
POSTSCRIPT: The federal as well as the provincial governments could not have presented their fiscal budgets for 2020-2021 in a better manner. Cash strapped, it was difficult for them to cope with the financial burdens. The government is going to run the show up to May next year in a very difficult manner Let us hope by then the corona pandemic will have spent its fury .Till then we will have to sit with our fingers crossed.

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