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No leniency with Indian agents

Most of MQM leaders stationed in Karachi are speechless with either shame or with political expediency and they are not condemning in unambiguous words the involvement of Altaf Hussain in Imran Farooq’s murder case! His secret dealings with RAW are now an open secret.With blood of so many Karachiites and personnel of law and order enforcing agencies on his hands, it would be tragic if he escapes gallows. Mustafa Kamal is right when he says that in order to remain in the news and politically alive he has now changed his colour like the proverbial chameleon by claiming himself to be the champion of Sindhu Desh whereas the fact of the matter was that throughout his life he played the Urdu speaking mohajar card. The Urdu speaking population of Sind is sensible enough and it is not going to be duped by his political antics once again.
The fresh spate of violence against the law and order agencies in Karachi is not without good reasons. The RAW agents have become active once again. Let us hope that the PPP government in Sind would show no political expediency in crushing them.
Lately, the enemies of this country have become active on our borders also whether it is the LOC in Kashmir or the former FATA. There is a need on the part of the armed forces to display the same kind of toughness which they had showed a couple of years back when the terrorists were flushed out of former FATA with iron hand. Handing over Karachi to Rangers and revival of military courts for dealing with the persons involved in terrorists activities won’t be a bad idea.

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