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Air crashes

The press conference of minister for civil aviation the other day about the recent air crash of PIA was thought provoking. He made some startling disclosures about the national carrier which should make those running it hang their heads in shame. For instance, one of the disclosures was that out of 800 pilots of the PIA over 200 of them have obtained licenses to fly the airplanes in a manner which is highly doubtful. Put in plain words they are in possession of fake degrees.
The PIA employees union is notorious for its black making tactics. It is so powerful that it has a big say in deciding which pilot is to take a flight to which country.
If one digs deep into the inquiry reports of various air crashes that have taken places over a period, say of last fifty years, one would find that ninety percent of them have occurred due to the human error and in only ten percent cases technical fault was the reason of these air crashes. In the Karachi’s air crash too the main reason was human error.
It goes without saying that as long as financially upright and dedicated persons like Air Marshals Asghar Khan and Nur Khan headed PIA it was ranked among the few best airlines of the world. Its decline started from the day when political interference was made in its affairs.
Mere publication of inquiry report is going to be of no help in reviving our national carrier unless strong action and remedial measures are undertaken by the government in the light of the findings of the inquiry report.

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