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Need for austerity

The apex court has done well to stop Sindh government spending hefty amount of four billion rupees on the purchase of luxury vehicles . It has very rightly directed that instead this money should be used on improving health and education sectors of the province. It is a pity that the ruling political party in Sind which claims itself to be the champion of the down-trodden should be squandering money on the already rich elite class ignoring millions of the have-nots who don’t know where their next meal would be coming from. Should one assume that its slogan of Roti, kapra and makan was no more than a hoax, an eyewash?
Wasn’t former Indian prime minister Manmohan Singh much better than our present Sindh government leaders who had once turned down a summary for the purchase of a BMW for his use and instead directed his finance minister to buy Indian-made vehicle much cheaper than the BMW? Prince Phillips, husband of Queen Elizabeth is a very outspoken person. A couple of years back on his visit to Islamabad when a protocol officer received him at the airport and opened the door of a limousine for him he made a very sarcastic remark by telling him . Do you still use these luxurious cars? We have stopped using them since long.
It is customary on the part of those who run the show in this country that whenever after four or five years a new government takes over it buys new latest model vehicles for its ministers. Every political party promises that on coming to power it will end VVIP culture but it goes back on its word once it forms the government.
The man in the street is being cheated by their so-called leaders sometimes in the name of religion, sometime in the name of socialism and sometime in the name of nationalism.

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