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Rule of mafias

The writ of the government today in almost all spheres of life is at the lowest ebb. It won’t be an exaggeration to say that it is simply not visible anywhere. Government orders are violated with rare abandon by various mafias. A case in point is the recent open defiance of government orders by the petroleum Mafia. It had come close on the heels of highhandedness shown by the sugar and flour mills Mafia. It goes without saying that when the people start defying government orders, chaos takes over the society as a result of which the very foundation of the state is shaken to the core. The government had better come down with a heavy hand on these mafias before it is too late.
The opposition parties are once again planning to gather under a single banner for creating hurdles in the way of the PTI government in the centre as well as Punjab. Some of the PPP and JUI(F) leaders are quite active these days .They have been hobnobbing on the sly for exploring the possibility of some common ground to forge unity among them and put up a joint front against the government. The government is lucky in the sense that leaders of the mainstream opposition political have a lot to live down because of their involvement in mega corruption cases so the common man has little or no option to replace the present political dispensation .They know that if Imran Khan goes there is no one to replace him given the present discredited lot of leaders available among the opposition parties?
POSTSCRIPT: The forthcoming cricket series in England would provide a golden opportunity to many Pakistani youngsters to establish their credentials as bowlers and batsmen. Playing conditions in England have always been tough for any foreign cricket team and the present England cricket team is also considered to be the best in the world .If our youngsters played well they will have found a permanent place in our national cricket team.

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