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The Indian agents must get their just deserts

There is a need on the part of the government to pursue vigorously its efforts to bring back Altaf Hussain to Pakistan so that he gets his just deserts. Granted that it would be extremely difficult, if not impossible, to convince the British government for handing him over to us given the human rights laws enforced there but still there should be no let up on this count in its legal battle for the purpose. It has been proved now beyond any reasonable doubt that India has been bankrolling him and his party for quite a long time and what a pity that our politicians didn’t see through its game .Even now most of our politicians have not uttered a single word of condemnation against him and his close associates in Karachi of whom there is no dearth.
Those MQM leaders who were very close to the MQM chief are finding no place to hide their faces today and instead of openly disassociating themselves from Altaf Bhai are still beating about the bush in the matter .They are shit-scared of possible violent reaction from his dyed-in-the -wool henchmen, should they utter a single word against him and therefore they consider it expedient to keep their mouths shut instead of condemning him over the murder of Dr Imran Faroooq.
It would be advisable for the Urdu speaking population of Sind to separate grain from the chaff now by giving a wide berth to all those demagogues like the discredited Altaf Hussain in their rank and file who have been taking them to the cleaners by indulging in linguistic jingoism.

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