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Was (God Forbid) the journey of the Holy Prophet PBUH an exercise in Extremism?

There are as many divisions in the Western society as are in ours — the eastern — specifically the Muslim. Broadly speaking, in the West there is a Christian Right, and there is a Liberal Left. Though apparently religion has been separated from politics under the attractive doctrine (or term) of secularism, most rightist parties in Europe remain fiercely capitalistic in character and undeclaredly Christian in content. Infact the majority party in the ruling coalition of Germany carries Christianity in its name i.e Christian Democratic Party. The Liberal Left is undoubtedly irreligious. It was infact born out of ‘revolt’ against irrational behaviours of the Church and Christian theocrats.
The important fact to be kept in view in this context is that the Liberal left in most countries in Europe has been pushed back by the rightist forces.
A recent example of this increasingly visible trend is Sarkozy’s landslide victory against Royale who represented the forces of greater socio-political justice in France.
Even England’s ruling Labour Party under Tony Blair has been transformed into something closer to America’s powerful religious right.
And it is America that really matters in the shaping of global, inter-continental, inter-religious and inter-civilizational scenario of the future.
It is no longer a secret that nearly eighty million born-Again Christians known as Evangelicals or the Christian Right constitute the most powerful single political bloc of America, and even though it has faced a major setback in the shape of the ‘Iraq fiasco’, it is unlikely not to play a decisive role in shaping the future policies of America towards ‘the anti Christ’ forces that have, for centuries, ‘unjustly’ dominated the lands where ‘God Jesus’ was born.
The movement that Father Billy Graham started and Son Franklin Graham is carrying on is now to a very great extent in control of the Republican Party. It’s alliance with Zionism gives it access to the Democratic Party too, in which the Jewish influence has never diminished.
In a recent seminar in Texas, organized by the born-Again Christians, it was unanimously agreed that ‘Islam’ was number one enemy of God Jesus, and had to be fought and defeated decisively.
This brief column doesn’t allow me to go into a detailed analysis, but the crucial point I want to make is that there is an organized plan behind Washington’s persistent backing of what it calls ‘moderate and enlightened forces’ in the World of Islam.
The questions that automatically come up in this context are:
“What is meant by extremism?”
“What is moderation?”
“What constitutes enlightenment?”
“Has Islam really no place in our socio-political lives?”
“If so, was the journey of the Holy Prophet (PBUH) an exercise in extremism?” (God Forbid)
“Can we as Muslims afford to lose touch with our souls?”
(I’ll continue writing on this subject)

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