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Alter ego of Hitler

Isn’t it intriguing that the mainstream opposition leaders in this country are tight-lipped over the excesses of Indian government with the Muslims living in the occupied Kashmir, particularly, and with the Muslims living throughout the length and breadth of India generally? The question is why is it so that they don’t want to annoy the Indian leadership? Is it because they have some soft corner for Indian leadership in their heart, God knows why?
The Foreign Office on its part has been doing its job properly but it is incumbent on the opposition leaders of this country that they too should be holding press conferences, seminars etc as well as publishing pamphlets underscoring the fact that BJP is the political wing of the RSS and its leader Modi is alter ego of Hitler and if his brand of politics wasn’t checkmated all those smaller countries around India are going to suffer from the expansionist designs of BJP just like Europe had suffered at the hands of Nazi dictator .
It is misfortune of the PTI government that as soon as country’s economy was turning round it was struck by covid_19 thus causing tremendous set back to its economy. The clock has been put back by several years. An Herculean effort would be needed for rejunevating country’s economy The health and education sectors were already in the doldrums and now their condition has gone from bad to worse.
POSTSCRIPT: It would be an altogether different experience for our cricketers to play in the crowdless empty cricket grounds in England in their current your of England due to corona virus.

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