I am witness to IK resolve that in New Pakistan, the Khaldoon rule that no business-stake-holder will sit in govt will be implemented. Will Allah give moral strength to such stake-holders sitting in the IK govt to resign voluntarily and provide their leader good reason to be proud.
05 July, 2020

IK called his political thrust a ptsunami. He was sensing coming down of towers of Troy. The towers came down. Then arrived IK 2. With no clue to what to do with debris & how to rebuild. He has survived the worst of times. Now it will be IK3. A clap of thunder & a master builder.
06 July, 2020

I personally know IK had high high opinion about the integrity of most of his original team. He only had doubts about their calibre. Precisely why when electables and heavyweights had their day IK made experiments of all sorts. He was badly let down. Deeds of some stunned him.
06 July, 2020

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