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Democracy & Muslim Renaissance

The issue of succession and transfer of power has always plagued the history of Muslims. Prior to the advent of Democratic era in the West, the above-mentioned issue had global connotations.
The West’s transit-journey from Monarchial Authoritarianism and Dynastic Successorship to Modern Republicanism and Democratic Change was quite rapid after the French Revolution and the Founding of the United States of America.
But as the Islamic World was largely colonialized by the imperial powers of Europe, no political system was required either to take birth or to get evolved. Infact ‘resistance’ against ‘occupation’ was the name of the game. This resistance frequently acquired militant dimensions. Resultantly ‘the siege psychology’ created by colonial occupations, and ‘active resistance’ to win freedom, combined to form a state of mind in the Muslim world in which ‘militancy’ became an unavoidable tool, and ‘armed power’ a necessary institution.
This state of mind continues to govern the lives of most Muslim nations in the world.
On the one hand there is armed struggle against imperialistic forces and their indigenous allies. And on the other hand there are direct or indirect military regimes.
Malaysia is the only genuine democracy that has emerged promisingly. Indonesia may well follow suit, if the ghost of murderous Suharto era is not allowed to pay back a visit.
Turkey seems to have stabilized its democratic credentials, but the West-backed military that has for decades thrived on the Kemalist concept of secular totalitarianism continues to threaten democratic continuity in the only Muslim country that has never known foreign occupation.
Secular totalitarianism and monarchial domination are the systems that suit America in the pursuit of her imperial designs. Precisely the reason Washington backs Hosni Mubark’s authoritarian rule in Egypt at the expense of democratic principles. Also the reason Americans have always kept their eyes closed to the presence of all-powerful authoritarian governments in the countries which are willing to go along with Washington’s agenda.
The ‘democratic fever’ that gripped Washington’s foreign policy experts in recent years has subsided considerably since the rise of Hamas through democratic process.
If democracy is not guided controlled and ‘caged’ from the top, Turkey, Egypt and Pakistan, three most powerful Islamic nations, are sure to produce their own versions of Hamas. Turkey’s ruling party AKP is known for its Islamic credentials, (not welcome in the pro-west ranks of secularism). Egypt’s Akhwans have survived the tyrannies of many a regime in the past and are now well equipped to steal any fairly conducted electoral show.
In Pakistan, the MMA is not seen as a modern political force by the educated Islamists of the middle-class. But in the ranks of all popular parties there are forces which have Islamist longings, and would jump onto to any credible Crescent-oriented bandwagon, if formed. Who knows what may happen tomorrow?

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