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Dynastic politics

Bilawal has gone as far as saying that he would tolerate any PM but not Imran Khan. The opposition leaders have been, lately, talking about minus-one formula. In plain words it means that while they don’t mind PTI remaining in the saddle they would not tolerate Imran Khan as the PM. This attitude shows the extent of ill-feeling which they have developed for the PM. The opposition leaders realise it would be a folly to bring in a vote of co-confidence against the PM in the NA despite fragile strength of the PTI in NA fearing that what if it fails given the poor track record of our parliamentarians at the time of voting on no-confidence motions in the past when possibility of horse trading in favour of the ruling party cannot be ruled out? The opposition also understands in its heart of hearts that suppose fresh elections are held at this point in time and they come go power as a result of them they would not be able to deliver given the pitiable economic condition of the country so it is better if the PTI continues to complete its stint in office but without Imran as the PM
The case of Maulana Fazlur Rehman is, however, different He wants to see the back of Imran Khan as well as his party as early as possible. He is of the view that his sit-in a couple of months back in federal capital failed because the mainstream political parties of the country sat it out.
Our tragedy is that we haven’t spent as much time on building state institutions as we had spent in building personality cult of the leaders of political parties. Today Nawaz League means Nawaz Sharif, PPP means Bhutto family, ANP means Bacha Khan’s next of kin and PTI means Imran Khan The same holds true of most of the religious parties also.

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