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Where is the writ of the government?

It seems as if in the days to come ,most probably, after Eid-ul-Azha ,the opposition parties are going to give a tough time to the PTI governments in the country. Bilawal and Shahbaz Sharif are active in their efforts to bring all the like-minded political parties on one platform. Maulana Fazlur Rehman is in a hurry to see the back of the PTI governments though other major political parties are interested only to get rid of the PM and that is why they have been harping on the tune of minus-one without realising that minus-one formula works only in political parties where the party is stronger than its leader, whereas ,as far as the PTI is concerned it is the other way round. It is because of Imran Khan that the electorate has given votes to the PTI candidates in the elections. If other PTI leaders are today sitting in the assemblies it is only because of him and they know in their heart of hearts that they are nothing without him.
With corona refusing to go away soon and with the economy of the country in a doldrums the opposition leaders would be fool enough to try to form a government in these turbulent times .They would be writing their political obituary should they insist on fresh polls .
The PM, however, must try to bridge differences with those who have deserted him recently and should also remain on the right side of his political allies who are supporting him in running the government in the centre and the provinces. Moreover, he should not forget his promises with the electorate at the hustings. The man in the street is utterly disappointed over the delay in bringing to book those who are involved in mega corruption cases as well as utter defiance of law of the land by various mafias .Where is the writ of the government?

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