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Musharraf is not keen to simulate Suharto’s performance

To most enlightened and civilized ears, the statement I am going to make here may sound cynical and in bad taste, but history’s facts cannot be overlooked just for the sake of sounding polite. George W. Bush the President of the United States of America has surpassed all past records of killing maximum Muslim “infidels”. The sword of Godfrey of Bouillon had wiped out the whole Muslim population of Jerusalem in 1098, and some accounts written by those who witnessed the gory, blood -curdling massacre, say that when the murderous knights of the Cross finally put their swords into their sheaths the streets of Jerusalem were flooded ankle-deep with Muslim blood. That was the first Crusade, initiated by Pope Urban II to reclaim the Holy Land from the “infidel”.
The current Crusade initiated by George W. Bush under the cover of ‘War against Terrorism’ has by cautious and modest estimates wiped out 1.5 million Muslims in Afghanistan and Iraq, and incapacitated twice as many in 5½ years.
The cover that has been provided to this Crusade—the cover of ‘war against terrorism’-has enabled “Pope Bush” to broaden the area of combat in such a way that killing fields can be created in all Muslim countries all over the world. The most tragic aspect of this “genocide” is that Muslims have been made to kill Muslims in a horrific display of madness. In Afghanistan, the Government forces are killing Taliban, and Taliban are killing the Government forces. Basically Afghans are killing Afghans. Muslims are killing Muslims. The Iraq scenario is even worse.
In Pakistan a dreadful script is being finalized to pitch Moderate Muslims against Extremist Muslims and Extremist Muslims against Moderate Muslims.
Washington is not fully happy with President Musharraf because of his reluctance or failure to do ‘ample’. When ‘do more’ theme is projected in cleverly worded statements of ‘appreciation’ for Musharraf’s role in this Crusade, Washington actually wants the performance of General Suharto to be repeated in Pakistan. In his drive to ‘purify’ Indonesia for the comfort of Washington, General Suharto had massacred nearly two million communists in the country, most of whom happened to be Muslims.
President Bush would love to witness a ‘repeat’ of that performance in Pakistan, but General Pervez Musharraf has shown no special keenness to go down into history as a butcher of Suharto’s class. Nor are our soldiers trained to kill their own brothers without any compunction.
Still the scenario is quite tense, grim and alarming. This theme of Moderate Forces Vs Extremist Forces can play havoc if oil continues to be poured on live simmering coal.

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