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Burhan Wani’s Anniversary And Kashmir Freedom Movement


Massive protests in IOJ&K on fourth anniversary of Burhan Wani once again proved that Kashmiris are not ready to kneel before the fascist Modi regime. Wani’s shahadat appeared as a major turning point as it sent a strong message that Kashmiri freedom movement is indigenous and free of any foreign aid. World should not loose sight of the fact that South Asian region is considered a nuclear flash point because of day by day worsening Kashmir issue .
Obviously, Indian contributions in worsening the regional peace are matchlessly exclusive and lethal . Persistent HR violations by Indian state institutions have started fueling the fire of freedom all across the valley and pushed the youth towards the path of armed struggle against oppressor forces. Deadly vacuum of political engagement created by New Dehli, stretched over a period of decades, have started sucking the probabilities of solving the problems through peaceful means . Deep scars of genocide , rapes, extra judicial custodial killings, inhuman torture and pellet gun blinding eventually left Kashmiris with no other choice but armed resistance. This phenomenon is not restricted to sentimental youth like Burhan Wani who picked weapon in retaliation to inhuman treatment inflicted upon his family by none other than state of India Many . Well educated youngsters like Mannan Wani have also willfully opted for rifle instead of pen.
A report published in Washington Post very rightly pointed out the same aspect that rapid inclusion of well educated intellectual cadre of Kashmiri populace in armed struggle against illegal Indian occupation will no more be manageable for New Dehli in the days to come. While having all the desires to deal the matter in peaceful manner, Pakistan is left hardly with any choice cool down the environment across the LOC with a neighbor like India persistently spoiling the peace through inhuman atrocities .
Pakistan has no other option but to reply in same coins , not to crush the rival but for self defense . Indian media is playing key role in fostering anti Pakistan hatred in public and its negative outcome has started surfacing at various occasions . Trash posted on social media about Pakistan, with reference to post Pulwama situation , by the prominent figureheads from across the border was disgusting , distasteful and full of hatred . It was in fact the true reflection of centuries long anti muslim mind set prevailing in the folds of Hindu society which compelled a large part of masses to stand up for a separate country at the basis of religion . Pakistan came into being as a collective reaction against Hindu anti muslim mindset . Modi led BJP regime has proved it in a loud and clear tone . Burials of Kashmiri martyrs with Pakistani flags in hand and slogans of Pakistan Zinda Baad in IHK have proved that Kashmir is unfinished agenda of partition. Brutal state sponsored torture and worst human rights violations have proved counter productive . Kashmir is bleeding due to inhuman anti muslim hindu mindset . Indian democracy has delivered rapes , killings , custodial torture , blind eyes , house demolitions and curfews .
There are heart breaking stories in every street and house of Kashmir . Salute to the firm resolve and determination of Kashmiris who bury their beloved Shaheeds in Pak flag . They chant slogans for Pakistan . They forget their pain and celebrate Pak victory in any sports event with bleeding hearts and souls.
Modi is unable to understand that why Kashmiris are chanting Pakistan Zinda Baad slogans ! It is a writing on the wall that Kashmiris have detached their heart and soul from Modi’s brutal , prejudiced and inhuman India. Prominent indian intellectual Arun Dhati Roy many a times objected upon Indian flawed approach towards Kashmir . What India holds today is just a piece of land ! No moral authority left with India to hold Kashmir and so she is proving it by applying her military force in the most inhuman fashion . Kashmir has turned into a tragedy which every day exposes the double standards of so called international community . Volcano is about to explode ! State carries a policy on Kashmir and it was expressed with conviction at international forums in front of the whole world .
What thereafter ? Have we really tried to heal the Kashmiris in real sense ? If yes, then how ? Desperation in Kashmir portrays a serious fall out scenario for the whole region. Pakistan will definitely face the maximum spill over effect . Legitimate non violent freedom struggle in occupied Kashmir will always be an undesired scenario for India due to multiple understandable global trends. A call for freedom from India on religious narrative by armed Kashmiri youth provides enough exploiting space to fetch international support by building a cross border terrorism case against Pakistan . Remember that Indian initial cry against CPEC was based on calling GB a disputed territory .
Who doesn’t know about Indo-USA nexus against Chinese economic expansion through Pak territory . Our rivals are competent enough to raise a violent group under the most notorious banner of extremism . Fall out is not difficult to predict . Pakistan is a stake holder and exposed to serious regional consequences . Are we reading the situation in correct perspective ? Gradually , a serious case is being built against Pakistan for sponsoring terrorism . Loose stereo type statements and press releases will not work any more . Recent Indo-China stand- off at Ladakh borders is a true reflection of Indian hegemonic designs which should not be taken lightly by the decision makers in Islamabad.

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