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Crying need of legislation

Shibli Faraz is a good discovery as Imran Khan’s information minister. He has proved to be a past master in speaking in a very measured tone with the pressmen and replying to their questions cool-headedly without losing his head unlike his two predecessors-in-office who didn’t click as information ministers. Murad Saeed is full of fire and brimstone whenever he talks on the floor of National Assembly? He has to be careful in the choice of his words against the opposition leaders because the moment he starts his speech in the NA the entire opposition leaders walk out from the NA as his offensive remarks, more often than not, grate on their ears .He had better water down and temper his speeches.
The speaker of NA is supposed to represent the entire House. In a truly parliamentary democracy the first thing which the speaker of the NA does is that soon after his election to this office he resigns from his political party and as long as he remains speaker he is party less .One wonders why this healthy parliamentary tradition is more often than not ignored in this country. The job of speaker demands presence of a high degree of political acumen, farsightedness and impartiality from the holder of this office. It is a tight- rope walking. In the history of parliamentary democracy very few people have proved worthy of this job. The more a speaker is impartial the greater respect he enjoys in the eyes of the members of NA. There are many domains of public life which require urgent legislation .It is a pity that in matter of legislation the performance of the present NA during the past two years leaves much to be desired.

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