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Water aggression

There have been two wars between India and Pakistan. One in 1965 and the other in 1971 but Indian leadership didn’t dare to say that it wants to wriggle out of the Indian Basin Waters treaty. It was the BJP, the political party in power in India today, whose leaders feel no qualm to openly demand an end to this Treaty. This is the height of audacity of the leaders of Modi government to demand an end to this Treaty. Little do they realise that their demand to scrap this Water Treaty amounts to an act of war against Pakistan.
Pakistan had better adopt an aggressive stand on this issue and seek intervention of concerned international institution into the matter as well as knock at the door of International Court of justice also. Let us admit that hitherto our policy in the matter has been rather lethargic and apologetic. We have not vigorously pursued our stand in the issue and have not been able to expose India’s violation of this Water Treaty at the international level in the manner it should have been exposed We have also been not efficient enough in utilising the flood water which gets wasted after falling into the sea. Our progress in making dams has also been dismally slow.
History is replete with instances where countries have gone to war over water issues. Whenever upper riparian tried to forcibly use the water meant for the lower riparian, dispute invariably erupted between them which often led to war. Due to shifting of population on a massive scale from one place to another due to water scarcity the resultant dislocation destroyed the old fabric of society that was formed after centuries.

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