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The restive opposition

Many leaders of those opposition parties who were shown the door by the electorate in 2018 elections are restive and their condition isn’t much different from the fish which is thrown out of water. They are licking their wounds .Though they have been hobnobbing on the sly with one another for quite some time now, exploring ways and means for bouncing back in the corridors of power, but their political activities are going to gain momentum as soon as the covid-19 tapers off.
The JUI chief is quite active in the matter and he has been trying hard to make the PPP and Nawaz League agree with his political strategy to oust the party in power from the centre as well as Punjab by hook or by crook, come what may. The leaders of these two political parties who are mired in mega corruption cases, however, have their own priorities and many problems to sort out before jumping on the bandwagon of the Maulana. The PTI chief is quite right when he says that given the present political landscape and ground realities of the country he is the only choice of the people to run this country. Isn’t it a fact that not once but many times the political leaders who want to see the back of the PTI chief have been in power but they failed miserably to deliver? Aren’t the names of many opposition leaders sullied with mega corruption cases?
The PTI chief must have realised by now how difficult it is to run a coalition government. He must have come to understand also how much slippery is the ground if one travelled with a cabinet comprising the so-called electables!

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