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India continues to torment us

Covid-19 hasn’t yet gone away completely, so it would be suicidal on the part of everybody whether government or the general public to lower their guard and make any compromise in the matter by way of any relaxation. We shouldn’t be saying hello until we are out of the wood . The government should take seriously the WHO’s warning that the second wave of this pandemic might well be on its way in coming October. Likewise, strict watch needs to be kept on the report that some cases of plague have been noted in China, lately. 2020 seems to be the year of pandemics.
The enemies of the country are still active in the former FATA, particularly, in North Waziristan where off and on they raise their ugly head. Needless to say complete fencing of the Durand Line and construction of forts along with it for keeping a strict vigil on the Afghan border seems to be the most effective way to control this menace no matter how big its monetary cost. This bitter pill will have to be swallowed by all of us if we want to make our northern border safe and secure.
If the allegation against Ajmal Wazir is proved then he must get his just deserts but if a false case has been cooked up against him then an example be made of those responsible for concocting this case against him for tarnishing his reputation. The government has done well to sideline him immediately after a video went viral showing his connection in some kickback case. The truth needs to be found out at once. The earlier the better for all concerned.

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