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Pakistan’s Most Praiseworthy Purist!

Every individual has a special character, by which he or she is known. Also special points of difference (or identity) that characterize him, (or her).
And like all individuals, every country or society or nation too has a special character, And enjoys special characteristics. The same is true about every government too.
When you think of Pakistan of today and its government, the picture that appears on the screen of your mind is that of a President who has been a commando all his life and has brought his commandeering spirit (and culture) into the high office he holds, and who is honest and daring enough not to refrain from mixing dictatorial militarism with democratic authoritarianism in order to obtain a highly intriguing version of democracy in which the whole parliament rises in respect to honour an employee of the defense ministry which functions under the authority of the Prime Minister who is responsible to the President who happens to be the same person who as a matter of rule and tradition is expected to salute both the Secretary and the Minister of Defense.
All that sounds so complex and mind-boggling. But complex and mind-boggling is precisely the character of the government that runs Pakistan.
Who does one settle his eyes upon, to single out the person representing the character of, or incorporating in his distinguished self, the characteristics of this unique government on the mother earth?
The Honorable Law Minister Mr. Wasi Zafar whose absolute honesty in exhibiting, displaying or flaunting his uncorrupted underworld style with majestic unconcern, should be lauded by us all with exuberant generosity (for the simple reason that in a society manned so extensively by hypocrites and demagogues, there is at least one person who doesn’t conceal his primitive instincts.)

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