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Modi’s jingoistic policies

India’s decision not to further finance Chahbahar sea port is not without good reason. Washington must have asked New Delhi to stay its hand keeping in view the grown and growing bitterness in the relationship between the U.S and Iran. India, obviously, cannot afford
ill-will of Washington keeping in view the recent cordial relations which exist between Modi and Trump. The cold-shouldered treatment of Iran by India has pushed the latter towards China which will now be helping Iran in various developmental projects in a big way This new development is in a way good for Pakistan because if China, Iran and Pakistan are on the same page it would be good for all three countries. Modi is the worst thing that has happened to India since 1947.It is his sheer good luck that the opposition political parties in India are at the moment without any leader who could hold a candle to him. His good luck is, however, a bad luck for India which is fast losing its credibility due to his jingoistic policies both against the religious minorities living inside India as well as small neighbouring countries of India.
There is a need to make a documentary film on the fencing of Durand Line in former FATA which should then be shown on the TV channels as well as in the cinema houses of the country so that the common man could have an idea of efforts of the armed forces of Pakistan to ensure that no undesirable person could enter Pakistan taking advantage of this vast border line which stretches over 839 kilometres in one of the most inhospitable and treacherous geographical area of the world .But fencing alone is not going to yield hundred percent positive result unless a comprehensive foolproof passport and visa system governing the entry of Afghans into this country is put into effect.It goes without saying that India has been the biggest beneficiary of open border system in former FATA as it been sending infiltrators through this route for carrying out subversion in Pakistan in cahoots with Afghanistan.

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