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Good governance is still missing

Time is fast running out for the present government .It has been in office for two years already and after another two years next election is going to stare it in face. Granted that covid-19 has dulled its blade to a great extent and frustrated its many developmental programmes but there are certain issues on which due speed wasn’t shown by the authorities with the result that the patience of the man in the street is wearing thin. The well-wishers of Imran Khan want him to deliver on his promise to eliminate mafias in the country, make an example of the corrupt by confiscating their ill-gotten money and then putting them to open public auction, make the big gun cough out the bank loans which they have gobbled up by getting them waived off by using their political clout etc etc.
The introduction of good governance in the country would remain a pipe dream unless political interference in selection and posting of the government functionaries is stopped and it should be made clear on both the political bosses and the bureaucracy working under them that civil servants and the police, both are servants of the state and not the sitting government which is always transitory in nature .The bureaucracy is to follow law of the land, hook, line and sinker.
Corona has stymied to a great extent the political activity in the country and the opposition leaders who are not accustomed to such a long period of political isolation and hibernation are finding it difficult to spend their time. They are hoping that after Eid they will be able to hit the road when, hopefully, covid-19 will have tapered off. Till then they are keeping their fingers crossed.

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