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The toothless prosecution

The other day a federal minister said the people should pinpoint the godowns where the hoarders have hoarded flour and sugar. The question is why should they? There are a plethora of intelligence agencies in the country who are being fed on the taxpayer’s money. What good are they if they cannot perform this duty? Are they not supposed to indicate the godowns of hoarders? A recent media report said that in Peshawar airport alone as many as 22 cases of collision of birds with the planes of the national carrier took place during the past 6 months and it is a miracle that no casualty took place. The reason why populated area isn’t allowed around airports is that birds invariably visit populated areas in search of their food. Most of the airports in this country are located in the areas surrounded by dense population. Construction of houses and buildings was allowed around them and due care in this respect was not observed even while constructing new airports.
It is now firmly established that the prosecution branch of the police or for that matter the NAB is good for nothing. It has failed miserably in the discharge of its duty and there can a variety of reasons for it. Maybe some hidden hand is pulling strings of its investigating officers. May be, it comprises officers who are not up to the task assigned to them or maybe they allow the big culprits involved in mega corruption cases to grease their palms. It is a pity that they take a fairly long time in completing investigation whereas one of the reason why NAB was formed was that it will complete investigation plus trial of any mega corruption casein less than six months .Small wonder the common man is getting frustrated with its performance with the passing of every day and a consensus is being built up in the country to disband NAB altogether as it had failed to deliver.

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