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Does This Scenario Sound Moral ?

If all these stories, reports and explanations regarding the supposed ‘dialogue for understanding ‘between the envoys of President Pervez Musharraf and the Chairperson of the PPPP are not products of fantasies and fiction; and we have good reasons to arrive at a firm conclusion that a ‘truce’ is actually being hatched, and may well be as close-to becoming an acknowledged reality as June is to July, the nation in general and moral purists’ in particular will have ample grounds to raise a few embarrassing and un-palatable questions.
Question Number One: The Pervez Musharraf administration has no serious objections and complaints against Benazir Bhutto’s alleged involvement in monumental corruption during her reign—corruption allegedly so large in scale and volume that not only new bank accounts surfaced in Switzerland, but also that the figures in these accounts swelled astronomically. Meaning thereby that corruption has never been an issue to be addressed honestly, but an excuse to punish the dissentors and non-conformists, or to force them to come to terms with those who have the power to manipulate Law.
Question Number Two: Mohtarma Benazir Bhutto’s disdain of and confrontation with the forces of anti-democratic interference and intervention has no solid legs to stand upon. If those who have won public condemnation for their acts of unashamed assault on the sanctity of the Constitution, can extend an olive branch to her, and provide her safe passage out of a moral dilemma, and into corridors of power, all violations of democratic principles can be forgotten for now, and forever….!

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