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Falling standards

There is a need for improvement in the quality of dialogue in our parliament as it is getting worse with the passing of every day. Not long ago there were many parliamentarians in this country who used to have big personal libraries stocked with thousands of books .It was a treat to listen to them whenever they spoke on the floor of the House. Instead of indulging in vituperations against one another they spoke on issues. Time was when the leaders of political parties observed abundant caution while granting party tickets to candidates desirous of contesting elections to the assemblies and they made it a point to nominate the best of the best for the job. Great weight was given to the financial and moral integrity of the candidates .Fair-weather friends and opportunists were never encouraged .Reverse is the case now. The more a person invests in the party’s funds, the better chances he enjoys for getting party ticket for assemblies or the senate. Money is the biggest consideration for granting such tickets. Small wonder whenever such persons become members of parliament their priorities are quite different. They try to first of all recover the money invested by them in the political party they have invested in by dubious means thus bringing a bad name to themselves as well as to their parties.
Time was when persons like Mian Mumtaz Daultana, Hussain Shaheed Suharwardy, Ghaus Baksh Bizenjo, Abdul Wali Khan, Abdul Qaiyum Khan, Professor Ghafoor,Baqi Baloch, Maulvi Fareed, ZA.Bhutto and their likes ,used to sit in our assemblies who were either highly read or who possessed a lot of political acumen.

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