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Who Wrote The Script Of This Farce ?

It is preposterous to mention the names of these despicable demagogues and phoneys in the context of Radical Islam. That the Western media has seized upon the opportunity provided by the Lal Masjid farce, to demonize Islam under the cover of its Radical version, can provide us a clue to the heinous agenda behind this scripted parody of what surely exists—Radical Islam.
Broadly speaking, those in the ranks of Islam, who subscribe to the view that we, in order to be true Muslims, must adopt the life styles of the seventh century, and shun any updating of customs and practices, are Radical. More appropriate term for them would be Dogmatic. Their Radicalism might have something to do with increasing activism and militancy they have adopted to confront, defy and fight the West’s imperial domination of their lands and resources in both geo-political and socio-economic terms. Some of the tools and methods of their ‘struggle for liberation’ can be questioned and criticized on moral grounds. For example their sad tendency to target innocent human lives, including their own. But then murderous campaigns of America are no less despicable than the suicide bombings carried out by these militants of Radical Islam. Can any honest and truthful person file an affidavit in the United Nations to the effect that innocent lives have never been lost during the U.S operations under the banner of War on Terrorism?
Still the militancy of these Radicals of Islam is in the least highly questionable for the simple reason that it has helped Islam’s enemies to paint it as a religion of mayhem, murder and intolerance.
But can these theatrical characters—these Ghazi brothers be regarded as Radicals?
No actor can earn the recognition of the character that he may be asked to play. These Ghazi brothers were ‘acting out’ the roles of “Islam’s fearless and fearsome warriors”. When it came down to proving their ‘Islamic mettle’, one of them was caught while escaping behind a burqa!
They can’t be called even bigots and zealots. The only description that fits them is ‘Actors’. Bad actors, who have performed badly in a badly-scripted farce.
Who wrote the script?
And why?
Was it the writer’s intention to create an impression that these were ‘the leaders’ that political Islam at best could and would offer?

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