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The dying cinema culture

Old cinegoers yearn for the good old days when cinema houses culture was at full throttle throughout the country. Over 1500 cinema houses existed in the country where one could see top Hollywood ,Bollywood and Lollywood films by buying cinema tickets available at affordable price. Everything changed after 1970.If the ban on the screening of Indian films after 1965 was the first jolt that cinema houses culture received in the country ,Zia’s anti-film po licy based on his hatred for feature films finished whatever little remained of it.It is no less than a tragedy for this poor man’s entertainment industry of this country when the cinema owners started pulling down their cinema houses for converting them into either hotels or shopping plazas as they had become a financial liability for them instead of providing them with their bread and butter. Today the number of old cinema houses has come down to about 100 in the country. The cinema houses culture is gasping for breath and before long it is going to die.
Granted that the new version of cinema is gradually coming up in the shape of multi-purpose cineplexes in the posh areas of the cities but its tickets are not affordable for the common cinegoer who was used to buying cinema ticket at a much cheaper price in the good old days.
One wonders whether or not there is going to be renaissance of old cinema houses culture in the country! Odds are that we have already seen its back and there are slim or remote chances of its revival. The cineplexes are going to fill its vacuum but since they are outside the financial reach of the average cinegoer he will be deprived of enjoying it.

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