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Killing Human Respect For Human Life

Ameri-ca’s war on terrorism has not produced any victor yet. And it is unlikely that any victor is likely to emerge. Nor any vanquished.
The casualties however have been mounting with each new offensive that the US and her allies have launched—apparently in the hope of sending the proclaimed terrorists on the run—cornering them in some killing field and ensuring their extinction. The real objective behind all the U.S campaigns against ‘terrorism’ has always been to strengthen the known pretexts, and create new ones for America to keep playing the Policeman of the world.
The term proclaimed is traditionally used with the term ‘offenders’. But the context in which America presently is playing the World’s policeman is the crime of terror for which, in the opinion of the policy-makers of Washington, the followers of only one faith have developed a natural liking and special talent. Thus the term that ‘fits’ in this context happens to be “proclaimed terrorists”. One does not need special intelligence to know who these proclaimed offenders are.
The practitioners of Islam. The followers of the Man (PBUH) without ridiculing whom, the West’s darling Salman Rushdi wouldn’t have been thought worthy of the knighthood he has earned.
Talking about the mounting casualties of America’s expanding war against the above-mentioned proclaimed offenders, one cannot help laying special emphasis on the most notable causality.
Respect for human life.
Not just the proclaimed offenders are gunned down, blown up or sent to mass graves in America’s favourite war, but those too have been frequently eliminated whose only ‘offense’ might be their presence in the nerghbourhood of the proclaimed offenders. These innocent ‘offenders’ have been conveniently described as-the ‘collateral damage’.
This is America’s favourite term to hide behind. Will Pakistan too—being America’s loyal ally in her ‘Crusade’ against Islamic Terror, seek to benefit from the vast possibilities that the term collateral damage offers?
It is not going to be long before we have the answer.
Most questions that come up in our minds have inbuilt answers too.
For example you may ask: Who is the prime beneficiary of this ‘famous’ war on terror?
The simple answer is: the industry that produces the weapons of war—the bombs, bullets, guns and missiles that kill.
And when you think of this industry which name comes instantly to your mind?
Not America?

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