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Pakistan has ‘greatest potential’ to be hub of the trade: Yao Jing

ISLAMABAD, August 3: greatest potential” to be the hub of regional connectivity and trade.
The ambassador’s remarks came during an exclusive interview with a private news channel, which was aired on Monday.
Yao, who previously served as China’s ambassador to Afghanistan, said that he has spoken to Afghan leaders and society who are “very keen” to not only have motorway links with Pakistan but also more railway links. “A railway from Gwadar to Kandahar will be a very beneficial route for trade and transportation,” he said. “A lot of potential [exists] for such a collaboration.”
Yao said he is “very glad” that Pakistan is working for peace and stability in Afghanistan which will ultimately open up trade far beyond, to Central Asia, which is looking to expand its access to trade routes. “The development of Gwadar and also in the meanwhile the development of port of Karachi and Port Qasim offers this kind of hope, this kind of prospect for regional connectivity,” said the ambassador. As an extension of the China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) collaboration between the two countries, he expressed China’s willingness to explore more ways to make full use of this potential. Yao lauded the enthusiasm demonstrated by the Pakistani government and people and the efforts made to expand connectivity thus far. -TTLP

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