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Terrorism is raising its ugly head again

Once again terrorism is raising its ugly head in some parts of the country notably in Balochistan, Karachi as well as in the former FATA. There has been an increase in the violations of the LOC in Kashmir by the Indian troops also. India is in trouble these days. The thrashing of Indian troops in Ladakh, recently, at the hands of the Chinese soldiers has sent a wave of frustration and shame throughout India and the Indian government badly needs diversion of the attention of Indian public towards some other issue, preferably, by engaging Pakistan on the LOC in the occupied valley of Kashmir or by disturbing law and order situation in Pakistan.
Balochistan, perhaps, is the only province which today needs more than hundred percent attention of the government. India can make use of its presence in Chahbahar
,quite close to Gwadar by masterminding subversion in this province. In the same manner it can create unrest in Karachi where during the past thirty years or so it has been bankrolling workers of some political parties against whom strong and solid incriminating evidence exists. One way of tackling this situation can be fencing of the international borders of Balochistan and handing over Karachi to the Rangers plus, of course, revival of military courts for trying the criminal cases against the terrorists. In the meantime. Sind police needs to be re -modelled on modern lines and a complete ban be laid on any type of political recommendation in the recruitment of police force in Sind. There is a need to screen out those policemen in Sind who were inducted into it on the recommendation of the local politicians during the past twenty years or so.

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