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India’s diplomacy hits rock bottom

It is heartening to note that under the able guidance of Lt.Gen Asim Bajwa the developmental projects under CPEC are proceeding at a satisfactory pace and before long Sino-Pak joint ventures would start yielding fruit.China has been blessed with a leadership from 1949 onwards with persons who were and are farsighted having a lot of political acumen and deep insight into the history.Silk route is a classic case of the efforts of Chinese leaders of yore who had established trade links with the western world as back as 2000 years The tales of Marco Polo of Italy and Ibne Batuta of Morocco say it all.
History is repeating itself now.It goes to the credit of Beijing that it has been able to wean away Iran from clutches of India where it is now going to invest heavily.In the same manner, China has succeeded in establishing links with Bangla Desh too which also wants to get benefitted from the CPEC.These new political developments have naturally minimised the influence of India over Iran and BD.Chinese leadership is wise enough to realise that if the CPEC is to succeed ,there must be peace and tranquility in this region,particularly ,lying in its close proximity.It is giving priority to Asian countries first.Once it gets a foothold in Asia it can easily spread its network far and wide and the West headed by Washington wants to put a spoke in the wheels of China in Asia so that CPEC doesn’t advance.
Lately,Indian diplomacy has failed miserably in Iran and BD and Afghanistan is also going to slip out from New Delhi’s hands in case the Taliban are able to form their government in Kabul.

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