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Kashmir issue needs Attention of International community

Raja Javed Ali Bhatti

Kashmir is like a boiling volcano and may erupt at any moment. The Disputed territory between India, Pakistan, and China, is one of the most beautiful parts of the world. It is known as heaven on the earth as well as known as the roof of the world. The snow-covered peaks, thick jungle, extremely nice climate. Rich in traditions and culture, very special cuisines, and arts & crafts, Kashmir is a unique place on the earth. Peace-loving people are known for local hospitality. The rare beautiful race in the world. Yet, India has turned this paradise into hell.On the 5th of August 2019, India revoked its own constitution, violated the UN Charter, UN Security Council’s resolutions, and bilateral agreement between India and Pakistan on the Kashmir issue known as “Shimla Agreement”, and annexed Jammu, Kashmir, and Ladakh region. Revoking the special autonomous status of this region and merged with New Delhi as a union territory. It was a clear deviation from the UN Charter, and all norms and practices of the civilized world. It is also a violation of the Indian constitution.
India deployed 900,000 troops in Kashmir to enforce a curfew and comprehensive lockdown. The Valley is cut-off from the rest of the world. No outsider can travel to or fro from Kashmir, with special restrictions on foreigners and media personnel. Phone and internet services have been suspended to hide the atrocities and brutalities executed by Indian troops. The available information in the international media is only a small fraction, leaked out. Despite complete black-out imposed in Kashmir.The unilateral action by India has disappointed the stakeholders – China and Pakistan. As Kashmir is internationally recognized as a disputed territory among China, Pakistan, and India, so any unilateral action by India is creating tension in the region. While China and Pakistan are insisting on peaceful resolution of the Kashmir issue according to the UNSC resolutions. But, India has been refusing by lame excuses for the implementation of UNSC resolution for the last 72 years.
China and Pakistan are extending diplomatic and political support to the oppressed people of Kashmir in their legitimate peaceful struggle for their legitimate right of self-determination provided by UNSC in 1948.It is worth mentioning that Kashmir is the only state under Indian control, where Muslims enjoy the majority upto 87%. Under the UN security council resolutions, the people of Kashmir were granted the right of self-determination by a plebiscite, to either join India or Pakistan. India, knowing the public sentiments, is afraid, that the Muslim Majority will vote to join Pakistan. So, India has been delaying and not implementing plebiscite in Kashmir for 72 years. Instead, is trying to change the demography by inhibiting non-Kashmiri Hindus from other parts of India. In the recent movement, India has been issue domiciles to non-Kashmiri Hindus to settle down in Kashmir. Offering them lucrative jobs, and incentivizing them with new rules to buy property, land, and business in Kashmir. According to the UN Charter, Kashmir was enjoying a very special autonomous status since 1948, where, non-Kashmiris can not buy a house, land, or business in Kashmir.
Non-Kashmiris were not allowed to seek jobs in Kashmir, except the special quotas. The special status of Kashmir was to protect their culture, traditions, jobs, and food security of the local people. India imposed a curfew in Kashmir, with the complete lockdown. Deployed approximately 900,000 troops to implement strict curfew since the 5th of August 2019.
It has been the largest and longest lockdown in human history, where 8 million Kashmiris are under siege for one year.India is using excessive use of force and draconian laws to suppress the Kashmiri movement for their legitimate right to self-determination. India has killed outnumbered Kashmiris, with more injured, detained, and arrested. Detention camps are established and preparation for the massacre is on the way. Indian troop’s movements reveal that genocide in Kashmir is entered into the final stage to happen at any moment. The worst-hit victims of Indian atrocities and brutalities are teenagers and women.
They are using rape as a weapon to humiliate them. Indian troops without accusing can arrest, detain anyone, and even kill. The children are separated from their families in the detention camps. Women are used as comfort-women for Indian troops. Draconian laws empowered troops to kill, arrest, or detain, anyone without giving any reason. To harm them, in a planned manner, Indian troops are burning their crops, damaging their agriculture, local business, and properties. Due to prolonged curfew, there is a severe shortage of food, electricity, fuel, medicines, and basic necessities of life. Phone and Internet services are suspended. Curb on media has resulted in no flow of actual situation on the ground. Due to the limitation of access, International media is reporting only a fraction of things happening on the ground. People of Kashmir are fatigued and naïve.
Although the Kashmiri people are peace-loving and only protesting peacefully, but are being pushed to the corner, it might force them to take arms. Although the UN and international community have been criticizing India for violation s of Human rights, atrocities, and brutalities in Kashmir, but was not doing enough to stop India. Yet the sufferings of Kashmiris have not reached an end. It should be noted that all the concerned parties in disputed Kashmir – India-China-Pakistan, are nuclear power and possess enough piles of weapons of mass destruction to eradicate each other from the earth completely. Any escalation may cause heavy losses to the humanity, as the region is densely populated, with 1.4 billion population of China, 1.2 billion population of India, and 220 mullion population of Pakistan.
If the situation gets worst, it might engulf the whole region or the whole world, the consequences are damn serious. It is appealed to the International community to rush to save Kashmir, save human lives, protect humanity before it is too late. The international community should not wait till a holocaust happened and then they reach for photo-session, making videos & Documentaries, writing reports, etc. China and Pakistan are observing restraint and patience, but India is instigating the region into war. The International community must intervene on an emergency basis and put India under pressure to respect UN charter and UNSC resolution on Kashmir.

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