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Political chaos

The problem with the prime minister is that temperamentally he is favourably disposed to the presidential form of government and wants to run the show as president, whereas, he has come into power in a system of government which is parliamentary in essence. The unelected persons, including those with dual nationality might be experts in their respective fields, and some of them have been doing their job quite well also, but, somehow or the other ,they don’t seem to fit in the system of governance in this country .Some of unelected ministers or special assistant of the PM have resigned while some others might pack off soon before long. The PM has been facing a severe criticism from various political circles on their appointment on key administrative and consultative positions. It is being suggested to him to replace them with elected members of assemblies.
It is in the air that some more unelected special assistants might have to go and instead their slots are going to be filled by the elected persons .In the same manner, those ministers who haven’t delivered are also likely to be replaced and reshuffled and they might be given lesser ministries .The PM will think twice before showing the door to the incompetent ministers. Because of the fragile composition of his government, he simply cannot afford to annoy his partners in power.
Time was when we ruled the roost whether it was hockey or squash. We have hit rock bottom in these games for quite a long time now and what is worrisome and disappointing for hockey and squash fans is that the lean period through which our hockey and squash has been undergoing is showing no sign of end. There is no light at the end of the tunnel.

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