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Modi’s policies internationalized Kashmir issue

On the first anniversary of India’s unilateral move to scrap the semi-autonomous status of Jammu and Kashmir, Pakistan’s prime minister Imran Khan while addressing the legislative assembly of Azad Kashmir on Wednesday, said: “Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi took a miscalculated decision on August 5 last year, which resulted in severe resistance from the Kashmiris including the youth and even pro-Indian Kashmiri leaders. Kashmiris should get their ultimate right of a plebiscite which Jawaharlal Nehru, the first Prime Minister of India had promised them on the floor of the Lok Sabha.” He vowed to keep raising the Kashmir issue on every platform, underlining that his country will endorse the Kashmir cause until it gets freedom. Imran Khan slammed the Hindutva ideology of India’s ruling Bharatiya Janata Party for crushing the Muslim and other minorities in India. He said Narendra Modi made a strategic blunder which internationalized the Kashmir issue.
On August 5, 2019, the Indian government revoked Article 370 and other related provisions from its Constitution, depriving the state of its autonomy, which was also split into two federally administered territories. As usual, entire Indian media supported the reckless policies of Modi, which according to Imran Khan led to internationalizing the Kashmir issue. Pakistan’s opposition parties and media had to support the government in its efforts to expose India, which is bent upon to make India Hindutva state. A few analysts that are Imrn Khan’s detractors could not digest his contribution of keeping the Kashmir issue alive could not criticize him, as no government in the past served the cause of Kashmir, what PTI government did during the last two years. Renowned journalist Salim Safi, a critic of Imran Khan appreciated him for going to Azad Kashmir, but added he should have gone to Gilgit and Baltistan as well.
PML-N and PPP leaders have been critical of Imran Khan for not raising the Kashmir issue the way it should have been done. They also question as to why Narendra Modi chose this time to revoke Article 370 and laid a siege to Jammu and Kashmir. The answer is that Indian leadership especially Modi knew that previous governments were apologetic whenever there was a terrorist attack in India unarguably a false flag operation. Both major opposition parties of today and ruling parties in the past wanted to have good relations with India at any cost, not realizing that India does not wish to have good relations unless Pakistan forgets about Kashmir, Sir Creek and Siachen issues. Of course, Imran Khan has not left any stone unturned to elicit the attention of international community towards the atrocities committed by India on the people of Kashmir.

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