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Political Islam – Radical Islam – Extremism Fanaticism- Reactionary dogmatism – Militancy & Terrorism

These are the terms that are being used consistently and frequently by analysts and policy -makers of the West (led by America), as well as by those elements and circles in various countries in the World of Islam who are either ideologically and strategically, or because of their life styles and vested interests aligned (and in some cases enslaved) to the forces that, because of their brute superiority in power, and obscenely dominant position, happen to be making all the major decisions regarding the destiny of the globe, and the mankind inhabiting it.
Ironically in Pakistan, those whom America backs either to stay in power (General Pervez Musharraf and company) or to share it (Mohtarma Banzir Bhutto) are not exercising any caution in making any distinction in the meanings of these terms. For example the reigning General has yet to clearly define and unambiguously describe the philosophical terminology he has adopted for the consumption and satisfaction of those whose support he is seeking.
Enlightened moderation.
Breaking it into two, makes it enlightenment and moderation.
Does the General find any place for Islam in this equation?
If he does, what kind of Islam does he have in mind?
The one that was offered to mankind by Allah the Almighty through the Holy Prophet (PBUH) as a way of life incorporating some fundamental values of constant nature, and some such values too that could be changed through consensus in changing times, changing environment and changing challenges?
Or the one that is required only as a formal proof of our identity as Muslims, and that simply cannot be allowed to dictate and govern our lifestyles, our socio-political beliefs and practices, and our relationship with the Society and the State we live in?
This pivotal question applies to Mohtarma Benazir Bhutto too. She, like the General, cannot get away with any vague interpretations of the language she uses while putting forth her political goals.
We just have to be told whether their Islam has any relationship with the Islam of Hazrat Mohammad (PBUH) which had a declared goal— to impose the Rule of Allah on the Earth, and which ‘fired’ his followers to set up their first government in Madina, and then set out to take the whole world by storm.
If their Islam is any different from the one that has traveled down to us through centuries in its original form (Al Quran), let it be described in clear terms.
For most of us who love to call themselves Muslims, Islam simply cannot be depoliticized and delinked from our practices as individuals as well as members of the Society (and the State).
Meaning thereby that if belief in Al Quran is Extremism, we are all extremists. By all I mean those who listen to, and obey the dictates and the commands of Allah the Almighty. Not all of us are saints. We do sin. Some less often. Some more often. But we do not take pride in our sins. We do not try to justify our sins. We do not seek exemption from the responsibility of the consequences of our sins.
We are not reactionaries.
We are not fanatics.
We are not terrorists.
We are not mullas.
We are not militants.
Only when we are attacked, threatened, challenged and overrun by force, we rise from the posture of submission to Allah, look up and cry out:
To you we owe our lives
From you we seek strength.
The strength to defy the power of those
who challenge your Supreme Authority

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