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Two Wars & One Battlefield

President George Bush is making things more and more difficult for General Pervez Musharraf, by continuing to eulogize him for all that is happening in Pakistan in the two wars that are going on, side by side. On the one hand, there is this war of America in which General Pervez Musharraf is actively partnering President Bush, and in which the adversary named is Islamic Militancy.
And on the other hand is a counter -war that is being waged by the militants of Islam against America’s expansionist terrorism.
One war is quite clearly led by President George Bush. And among those under his command in this bloody war, happens to be a soldier called Pervez Musharraf, along with thousands of other soldiers he is commanding. There is an irony here. American President’s war is designed not just to defeat and destroy Islamic Militancy, but also to push all the hundreds of millions who subscribe to the supremacy of Islam against the wall. Paradoxically, his partner-in-chief in this part of the world happens to be a man leading a nation that was founded on the concept of Islamic brotherhood.
Thus when George Bush is eulogizing President Musharraf’s achievements, it can be safely surmised that brothers are killing brothers with great efficiency.
In the other war, the one being waged in retaliation to America’s, (by those who seem to have bartered their lives away in return for winning either freedom or martyrdom) among the key adversaries named happens to be the Chief of the Armed Forces of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan.
What a great tragedy! Brothers pitched against brothers! Muslim blood being spilled by Muslims!
Muslim Suicide Bombers using their lives as deadly weapons to kill the soldiers of Pakistan and Islam!
Mr President,
Mr Bush isn’t playing a friend while showering praise on you for having contributed to the elimination of so many of your countrymen.
There is an irony in this praise. A tragedy in this eulogy.
He is urging you on towards a scenario in which Pakistan will try to match Iraq in earning the distinction of becoming the world’s bloodiest battlefield.
It is time for you to rethink your response to those you call extremists sir!
Don’t let our beloved homeland be transformed into yet another killing field of America’s imperial designs………

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