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Good governance – still a far cry

Every year in summer, particularly, when Monsoon lashes at Karachi its streets and roads turn into veritable ponds and canals for days together. This year too is no exception.
Both the local PPP leadership and the MQM who rules the roost in the KMC must share the blame equally for it. For entire year they quarrel with each like children over the allocation of funds meant for cleansing the nullahs . It seems that the MQM calls the shots in the KMC, to the utter chagrin of the PPP. The question is this :Why timely action like desilting of water ways not done before the advent of rains and the same delay is observed in the matter every year thus putting the Karachites to a lot of inconveniences?
Both the Sindh government and the KMC officials should hang their heads in shame that they have to requisition services of the armed forces every now and then for tackling even the petty issue of pumping out rain water from low lying areas or from overflowing nullahs ! What good is the elected civil and municipal authority if it cannot deliver ?
The law and order of Sindh’s metropolis is once again showing signs of disturbance and street crimes like looting the pedestrians on road by the gangsters on bikes are raising their ugly head
POSTSCRIPT: Some insiders say that political efforts are afoot to build a bridge of trust between the PPP and Nawaz League so an effective United front having roots in all the four provinces could be made. Maulana Fazlur Rehman is reported to be keen in seeing the back of the PTI as early as possible.

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