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Tighter control over Pak-Afghan border

Pakistan is, perhaps, the only country in the world in which the Afghan nationals have been entering with rare abandon since 1947.The greatest beneficiary of this lax control on Pak-Afghan border has been India which has been sending terrorists through Pak-Afghan border, courtesy the Afghan rulers. Granted that the same tribes live on both side of the Pak_ Afghan border who frequently visit each other .Granted also that Afghanistan has to depend a great deal on Pakistan in bilateral trade but these are issues which can be tackled easily .
After 2016 Pakistani authorities took a very bold step when they decided to fence the Durand Line and construct army forts over it for checkmating the illegal flow of immigration to Pakistan. It is heartening to note that progress on this project has been going on quite satisfactorily .It would be good if the Interior minister should inform the people on the floor of parliament as to what has the interior ministry done hitherto in regulating the visit of the Afghan nationals to Pakistan through passports and visa .Mere fencing of Pak-Afghan border is not the complete answer to this problem. Every Afghan who wants to visit this country must be in possession of passport and visa in which it should be clearly spelled as to the precise reason for his visit, the length of his likely stay here and then it is the responsibility of the interior ministry to ensure that he returns before the expiry of his visa period. Unless this policy is implemented in letter and spirit it won’t be possible to secure Pak-Afghan border from the menace of its use by the terrorists. A case in point is the recent unrest in Chaman on Pak-Afghan border in Balochistan where as a result of clash between security forces of these two countries some invaluable lives were lost also.

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