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Do we have enough firepower to kill their spirit and resolve?

America’s official response to the current situation in Pakistan has been one of spontaneous glee. It has lost no time in commending President General Pervez Musharraf’s courageous decision to take on what Washington religiously dubs as Islamic extremists. To help President Musharraf to build up his resolve in this context, America has come out with forceful assurances to the effect that all the efforts to he made to crush Islamic activism in Pakistan would have the active backing of Washington.
It is abundantly clear now that America is not in the least interested in “the conditions of calm, peace, and security prevailing in Pakistan”, but in the emergence of a confrontational scenario in which the people of Pakistan find themselves caught up in the deadly crossfire between the forces of the State on the one hand and the forces of Islamic Militancy on the other.
Whether or not the horrendous suicide bombings in Miranshah, Swat and D.I. Khan can be dubbed as the fallout of the Lal Mosque tragedy, is too early to decide. Yet it is an undeniable fact that the dark clouds of ‘bloody unrest’ are looming over our heads, because of which both the President and the Prime Minister have practically appealed to the people to back them in their resolve and campaign to crush the murderous militants who are out to unleash death and destruction on our beloved home land?
We are all shocked at the way so many innocent and precious lives have been terminated by the miscreants and their backers. And we can’t but condemn all those who are responsible for this mayhem and massacre.
Yet a very vital question has to be answered in all sincerity and truthfulness by us all—specially by our President and our Prime Minister.
Who are these insane self-killers? Why are they targeting the cream of our nation? What is the motive behind this series of barbarous acts?
Are they really “our” enemies?
Or the enemies of American imperialism which has vowed to eliminate them from the page of existence? Are they targeting their Muslim brothers? Or those whom they consider the allies of their Enemy Number One?
Do we have enough firepower to kill their spirit and resolve?
How many of “our own” will get killed in retaliation?
Are they really not our own too?
Who wants us to get pitched against each other?
What price are we going to pay for serving those who consider themselves our masters?
Do we have to pay this price?
Can’t we win freedom?

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