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Secret information

Intelligence agencies of almost every country can go to any extent and use every foul method to gather secret information as to what is going on in the corridors of power of the countries they are spying on .More often than not, they do this job through beautiful women who are encouraged to develop liaison with the staff of the target countries posted in the embassies under the nomenclature of defence attaches as well important government functionaries of those countries. It is alleged that one of the former president of Pakistan was honey trapped by an Iranian lady when he was defence secretary and she was wife of the military attache of a neighbouring country posted here. Their romance got on to the extent that they entered into a wedlock.
In the 1960s Egypt had developed its airforce so much that it made shivers run down the spine of Israel. The Israel intelligence agency Mossad deputed good looking Jewish women to develop relationship with the Egyptian pilots and marry them after which they were instrumental in passing on secret information to Israel on the basis of which Israel took Egypt by surprise and destroyed 75 percent of its airforce in a single strike as a result of which President Nasser was so shocked that he tendered his resignation
Such tales were quite common in the second world war and many books were written about them. It is said that Soviet Union might have an hidden hand behind the marriage of an American lady with a British monarch .The Soviet plan failed when he was forced to abdicate by the English parliament thus eliminating her chances of becoming wife of the British king.

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