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Inefficient civic bodies

Floods hit us almost every year due to heavy rains in the Monsoon season when the water drains already choked by various blockages overflow destroying not only houses built inside the natural waterways illegally by the people or due to accumulated solid waste which the people bin in them .In a way, both the common man and the concerned municipal employees whose job it is to ensure that the water drains are kept clean on daily basis fail to perform their duties and they are equally responsible for this public nuisance.
It goes without saying that if on the one hand invaluable private property gets destroyed in the process, on the other, costly infrastructure like roads are damaged which are then repaired and rehabilitated with a heavy cost. More often than not, innocent passerbys lose their lives by electrocution also because of the highly defective and disorganised system of maintenance of electricity wires and poles.
Heavy financial loss to the national kitty can be avoided if the Municipal authorities keep a strict watch on all those constructions which bloc the natural flow of water in nullahs and ensure their cleansing on a regular basis. Besides, those who violate the Municipal laws must face the pinch of law .There is a need to create public awareness through a media campaign in all languages among the common man about the ill_effects of dumping waste in the natural water ways .
It is due to inefficiency of our municipal committees and corporations that even after a light shower of rain the roads of our cities turn into veritable ponds and lakes .What good are these civic bodies if they cannot perform their basic duties?
POSTSCRIPT: Covid_19 is by no means over. We should not relax in the matter of observance of SOPs as according to the World Health Organisation its relapse cannot be entirely ruled out in the coming winter.

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