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Iran-Saudi Arabia rapprochement

The PM says his efforts aimed at rapprochement between Iran and Saudi Arabia initiated by him at the suggestion of Washington continue though progress in the negotiations over them is rather slow.
While one must appreciate the PM’s interest in seeing the gulf of misunderstanding between these two Muslim countries bridged, as peace between them is vital for the Muslim world, it is very much doubtful whether America really wants to see them on the same page. Isn’t it a fact that the zionists rule the roost in the U.S? Can anybody deny that the jews have always had a big role in the election of the American president and nobody can become tenant of the White House unless he enjoys political and financial as well as media support in America and the institutions which control these three vital areas are dominated by the jews in the U.S? The statement of Washington that it wants that Iran and Saudi Arabia should hit it off, therefore, cannot be taken without a pinch of salt. The jews who pull the strings of American administration would never want these two Muslim countries come together or see Pakistan succeeding as interlocutor between them.
One of the important thoroughfare in the federal capital was called as Kashmir Highway for the last couple of decades. The question is :Did it matter a whit to the Indian government? Certainly not .One wonders if renaming Kashmir Highway as Srinagar Highway is going to make any difference to India in pressurizing it to have a rethink over its policy.

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