President General Pervez Musha-rraf is facing a dilemma of monumental dimensions. On the one hand he is spiritually fired by great patriotic longings, and visions of a progressive, progressing, prosperous, dynamic and invincible Pakistan that doesn’t defy or contradict its inherent Islamic credentials, and on the other hand he finds himself being driven by an increasingly demanding America in the direction of using the country’s military might quite ruthlessly against—not his homeland’s enemies—but his own countrymen.
This dilemma came strikingly into limelight when, on the 18th July 2007, President Musharraf briefed the senior journalists of his media team’s choice.
“I am all for Islam,” said the President, “but Islam’s extremist version is not acceptable to me.”
This statement of his brings to my mind the famous words of Omar bin Hisham (known as Abn Jehl in history).
“I acknowledge that Mohammad (PBUH) is a truthful and righteous person. But his blasphemous campaign against our gods and beliefs is unacceptable to me.”
This comparison between the two statements is not intended to belittle or ridicule the President’s understanding of Islam. He has every right to whatever beliefs he wants to associate with his version of Islam, but he should not be excessively hostile to recognizing the rights of others too to whatever beliefs they harbour in their understanding of Islam.
In the world of the twentyfirst century the right forum to fight for the supremacy of one’s beliefs is ‘POLLS’.
Guns cannot decide what is right and what isn’t. Guns can decide only who happens to have more firepower, and who has less.
In this age of bombs, bullets and mass killing, you don’t hit just your target. You happen to hit many more whom you have nothing against. And quite often, you hit those you don’t intend to hit, and fail to hit those you want to hit.
So Mr President, what do you mean when you ask media to help you in your war against extremism?
Should media play blind to the fact that it is not your war; it is America’s war?
Have you ever thought of what Quaid-i-Azam had in his mind when he founded this unique country? Of one thing I am absolutely certain. He hadn’t it in his mind that one day the Armed Forces of Pakistan would be firing at the people of Pakistan! Police. Yes. But not the Armed Forces. Never. The police too, only to confront gangsters, law-breakers and criminals of various brands and breeds.
Find some time to give thought to what the great Quaid would have thought. He would certainly have viewed all this murderous militancy around with great concern and displeasure. But he would have been quick to surmise that ROOTS OF THIS INSANE MILITANCY LIE IN RETALIATRY ANGER AGAINST PRO-AMERICA MILITARISM OF THE GOVERNMENT OF PAKISTAN.

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