Miandad is our great star whose cerebral powers are dwarfed by the cricketing skills he had. We can’t afford to lose him to insanity. All neurologists are requested to take up his case. His sanity should be rescued before it is too late.
15 August, 2020

You can be be an Arab and still not be a Muslim. You can be a Muslim without being an Arab. And isn’t it a fact that Arabs of one faith under the leadership of the Holy Prophet PBUH fought the Arabs of another mindset to establish the rulership of Allah?
15 August, 2020

It was a different Turkey that had recognised Israel very early. That Turkey was ruled by KAMALISM and it’s CEO was Ismat Enono. Turkey of today has returned to Islam and it’s President is Erdogan who recently restored the Mosque status of Sofia and thereby stood up against West.
15 August, 2020

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