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Death of a good writer

The death of Indian writer Saadia Delhvi the other day reminded me of the famous Monthly literary and film magazine that once used to be published from Delhi for a long time till it closed in 1987. Its name was Shama. It had a wide readership and it used to publish quality literary and film articles. Saadia was grand daughter of founder editor of that magazine Yousaf Dehlvi and daughter of Younas Delhvi who used to look after the said magazine after the demise of his father. With the closure of that film magazine a golden era in the film journalism had ended. What monthly film magazine ,Filmfare was to English language film journals ,Shama was to Urdu film journalism.
Saadia was a versatile writer who used to write regularly in various English language magazines and she had a racy style of writing. She daringly fought with breast cancer for two years before she succumbed to it on 5 th Aug 2020
POSTSCRIPT Shaheen Shah,Abbas and Naseem Shah are invaluable addition to the fast bowling department of our cricket team currently touring England. It is certainly always a nightmare for foreign young cricketers to play under English conditions but it goes to their credit that they have delivered during tough conditions too.
It is a pity that politics have been allowed to pollute sports also. Art ,music or sports are universal in essence. They have no fixed boundaries. Cricket in the sub continent would certainly have gained a lot if Pakistan and India had been regularly playing against each other.

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