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FM’s bold stance over Kashmir

It seems that Saudi monarch has taken exception to the recent strongly worded statement of our Foreign Minister about the apathy of the OIC over the barbaric treatment being meted out to the Kashmiris by the Indian government. The FM deserves plaudits for calling a spade a spade .The criticism of his statement by some of the leaders of Nawaz League run contrary to the feelings of the general public on the FM’s statement which has been, by and large, appreciated by all and sundry in this country. The common man believes that after a long time somebody in the corridors of power in this country has spoken the truth on the issue without mincing words. Enough is enough There was no other option with the FM but to say whatever he has said. If the OIC would continue to drag its feet over the issue and its member countries will keep their mouths shut due to any political expediency the possibility that many like-minded member countries of the OIC might call their own meeting cannot be ruled out which would, in other words mean open split in the OIC which Riyadh doesn’t want to happen.
Let us hope that the entire government would stand foursquare behind the FM on the issue and would not be blackmailed by pressure tactics of Saudi monarch who has been trying to ensure that the Kashmir issue remains under the rug in consonance with the wish of his political boss sitting pretty in the White House. He also does not want to lose big market of India for its fuel. He also realizes that in case of split in the OIC, Saudi Arabia would lose its political influence in the Muslim world.

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