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Renewed terrorism

The terrorists are again raising their ugly head in some parts of the country which proves, if any proof is required, that India continues to use Afghanistan’s soil for masterminding its subversive activities inside Pakistan. Balochistan and former FATA are the worst sufferers on this count because of their close proximity to Afghanistan. Though the government is in the process of relaxing trade and business with Afghanistan through the traditional trade routes of FATA and Balochistan but it should not lose sight of the fact that India is quite capable to send subversive material under this garb courtesy Afghanistan to Pakistan, therefore, it is of paramount importance that there should be no lowering of the guard on this score as our enemies in the past had used this trade facility to spread terrorism inside Pakistan .
Havoc caused by torrential rains in the country have once again exposed inefficiency of the concerned government departments in tackling the floods .Fear of Dengue fever is looming large on our head and if preemptive steps weren’t taken well in time there is a likelihood of loss of many lives on this count too.
POSTSCRIPT: Islamabad is bursting at the seams. Its municipal corporation is no longer in a position to provide even the bare minimum civic amenities to its newly upcoming housing schemes the residents of which suffer from water shortages as well as inadequate sanitation requirements. There is no point on the part of municipal corporation Islamabad to develop more and more housing schemes under its bailiwick when it is no longer in a position to cater for the civic needs of their population.

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